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At Maker Ed, we believe education should be powerful and joyful. We use hands-on learning to facilitate educational exploration and support teachers in getting students excited about the world around them and the robust knowledge they already have.

Did you know…?

That, on average, learners only retain 5% of information presented in a lecture? That number skyrockets to 75% when students learn by doing.  

There’s no better day than today to make a pledge to Maker Ed to support educators as they bring learner-driven, interactive educational experiences to their classrooms and communities, while pushing forward the ideals of equity, agency, adaptability, and resilience.

We’re proud of the work that our staff and our partners are doing and strive to reach ever more educators, youth, and families. 

Serving 1.2 million learners nationwide…

Since our founding, we have engaged with a community of over 45,000 people, and built programs and projects that address the needs they share with us. To date, we have worked with institutions who have influenced the educational experiences of 1.2 million learners nationwide.

Support our work.

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